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Question: I am conducting an environmental review on ACCU DYNE TEST Marker Pens, and the SDS does not have the information I need for approval. I need to verify that “all the components of the product are either listed or exempt from listing under the TSCA section 8(b) chemical inventory list.” Your SDS lists the TSCA inventory but references only the TSCA section 5(a) (significant new use) for one ingredient. Can you please provide the requested information?

Answer: All constituents of ACCU DYNE TESTTM Marker Pens and surface tension test fluids (both use the same formulations) are listed in the TSCA inventory. For full information on 2-ethoxyethanol (CAS 110-80-5), please see https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2005/11/29/05-23421/2-ethoxyethanol-2-ethoxyethanol-acetate-2-methoxyethanol-and-2-methoxyethanol-acetate-significant.

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